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Data on Overnight Stays in the Alps:

France: (accessed: 3 Aug. 2007): Hotel accommodation and overnight-stays in the Upper Provence Alps. (accessed: 3 Aug. 2007): Accommodation and overnight-stays data concerning the Upper Alps Department in 2005. (accessed: 3 Aug. 2007): Some interesting statistical data about winter tourism in Upper Savoy, distinguishing among big, medium-size and small resorts. (accessed: 3 Aug. 2007): Accommodation and overnight-stays in Savoy, 1999. (accessed: 11 Feb. 2008): Changes of the overnight-stays in the so called “Périmetre à neige” (Literally: snow perimeter, that is the area of the Alpine Departments involved in ski-tourism) in the French Alps (1994-2007).

Italy: (accessed: 3 Aug. 2007): Accommodation and overnight-stays in the Aosta Valley from 2000 to 2006, with a comparison with Trento and Bolzano Provinces and the Upper-Savoy Department. (accessed: 3 Aug. 2007): Tourist trends in the Belluno Province, 1990-2002. (accessed: 3 Aug. 2007): Arrivals and overnight-stays in Piedmont’s tourist districts.  03B4AB8060F/0/LestatistichedellamontagnadiAA.pdf (accessed: 3 Aug. 2007): A statistical report about the mountain municipalities of the Venetian region, with figures on overnight-stays by single mountain districts. (accessed: 3 Aug. 2007): In the data bank “turismo”, all South-Tyrol accommodation and overnight-stays figures are available. (accessed: 3 Aug. 2007): Hotel overnight-stays of Trento Province by tourist district from 1985 to 2006. (accessed: 3 Aug. 2007): Tourism Statistical Yearbooks from 1997 to 2005. (accessed: 3 Aug. 2007): Arrival and overnight-stays by tourist district in Lombardy, 2005. (accessed: 4 Aug. 2007): A report about tourist winter flows and receipts in the skiing resorts of the Friuli region.

Germany: (accessed: 3 Aug. 2007): Arrivals and overnight-stays in Bayern Districts in 2005 and 2006.

Austria: (accessed: 3 Aug. 2007): The overnight-stays in Land Salzburg in 2006. (accessed: 3 Aug. 2007): Accommodation and overnight-stays in Styria by every single municipality, summer six-month period 2006. (accessed: 3 Aug. 2007): Accommodation and overnight-stays in Styria by every single municipality, winter six-month period 2006. (accessed: 3 Aug. 2007): Arrivals and overnight-stays in Upper Austria from 1998-99 to 2005-06. (accessed: 3 Aug. 2007): In the Chapter 11 (“Tourismus”), arrivals and overnight stays in each Austrian Land from 1980 to 2006. (accessed: 3 Aug. 2007): Beds and overnight stays in Carinthia in 2006. (accessed Aug. 2007): A comprehensive data bank about tourism in Tyrol from 1985 to 2006.

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Lichtenstein: (accessed: 4 Aug. 2007): Accommodation and overnight-stays in Liechtenstein, 2006 (in comparison with 2005).

Slowenia (accessed: 3 Aug. 2007): Data about accommodation and overnight-stays in Slovenia (drawn from the Statistical Yearbook 2006), among which mountain tourism can be distinguished.

International: (accessed: 11 Feb. 2008): Data by the World Tourism Organisation concerning international tourist arrivals and tourism receipts by country (1990-2005) (accessed: 11 Feb. 2008): Data of World Tourism Organisation concerning international tourist arrivals by continent (1950-2005) (accessed: 3 Aug. 2007): This report provides data about accommodation and overnight-stays of some Alpine regions from Ticino Canton and Valtellina to Salzburg and Bayern. (accessed: 3 Aug. 2007): Some statistical data about tourism in the Bodensee Euro-Region.

Other Sources

BÄTZING, W. (1985): Bad Hofgastein. Gemeindeentwicklung zwischen Ökologie und Tourismus. Berlin: Diskussionsbeitrag des Instituts für Stadt- und Regionalplanung der Technischen Universität Berlin.
The big winter resort of Gasteinertal is selected as a model for changes of the economic structure and landscape's image.

BÄTZING, W. (2003): Die Alpen. Geschichte und Zukunft einer europäischen Kulturlandschaft. München: Beck.
Tourism is analyzed in a substantial chapter, in which not only the quantitative aspects are considered, but the economic, social and ecological problems too.

BARTALETTI, F. (1994): Le grandi stazioni turistiche nello sviluppo delle Alpi italiane. Bologna: Pàtron.
This is the only book in which all the large winter resorts and the main high-altitude planned resorts of a substantial section of the Alps – here the Italian Alps – are analysed in detail, by reconstructing the stages of their tourist, demographic and urban development.

BARTALETTI, F. (1998a): L’evoluzione storica del turismo nelle Alpi. In: Squarcina, E. (Hg): Turismo: fattore di sviluppo o di degrado? Milano: Università Cattolica.
The historical stages of Alpine tourism development are reconstructed, with a special focus on Italy.

BARTALETTI, F. (1998b): Tourismus im Alpenraum. Eine alpenweite Bilanz. In: Praxis Geographie. Braunschweig: Westermann.
A short, but comprehensive picture of the Alpine tourism as a whole.

BARTALETTI, F. (1998c): Adelboden. Una grande stazione turistica fra tradizione e modernità. In: Studi e Ricerche di Geografia. Napoli: Geocart Edit.
The case-study of Adelboden, a big winter resort selected as a “happy mean” between hard and soft tourism, with a primary sector maintaining its own vitality, is proposed.

BARTALETTI, F. (2004): Geografia e cultura delle Alpi. Milano: FrancoAngeli.
Two chapters of this book are dedicated to tourism within the whole Alpine territory, with both an historical and a quantitative analysis.

BOURDEAU, PH. (2006): Acht Fragen zur Zukunft des Alpentourismus / Huit questions à l’avenir du tourisme alpin. In: Psenner, R. and Lackner, R. (Hg.): Die Alpen im Jahr 2020. Innsbruck: CIPRA.
In the light of some evidences drawn from French market, the Alps may be considered as a “post-tourism” testing field, and proposed as an ideal "proximity" destination for neighbouring regions.

BUSSET, TH. & MARCACCI, M. (Hg.) (2006): Pour une histoire des sports d’hiver-Zur Geschichte des Wintersports. Neuchâtel: CIES.
A multifaceted picture of skiing in the Alps, mostly from a historical point of view from its beginnings until the development of big resorts and ski-arenas.

CIPRA (2000): Turismo nelle Alpi. Qualità economica, qualità ambientale. Moncalieri (To).
Some case-studies about value-added creation and the sustainable development of the Alpine tourism, and an article about the need of improving competitiveness of the different destinations.

DEBARBIEUX, B. (2001): Chamonix Mont Blanc 1860-2000. Grenoble : Edimontagne.
All the stages of tourism development at Chamonix are reconstructed in detail.

GUICHONNET, P (1980) : Histoire et civilisation des Alpes. Destin Humain. Lausanne: Payot.

KNAFOU, R. (1978): Les stations intégrées des sports d’hiver des Alpes françaises. Paris: Masson.
A fundamental work on the high-altitude planned ski-resorts of French Alps from an historical, socio-cultural and town-planning point of view.

LUGER, K. & REST, F. (Hg.) (2002): Der Alpentourismus. Entwicklungspotenziale im Spannungsfeld von Kultur, Ökonomie und Ökologie.Innsbruck: StudienVerlag.
A pleasant analysis of the Alpine tourism – in particular in the Austrian Alps, save for the case-study of Italy by F.Bartaletti – both from a historical and a quantitative point of view, with a number of pictures from old postcards.

MACCHIAVELLI, A. (2004): Le stazioni alpine invernali. Tendenze e questioni in gioco. In: Macchiavelli, A. (Hg.): Il turismo della neve. Condizioni per operare in un contesto competitivo. Milano: FrancoAngeli.
A clear-headed analysis of snow-linked tourism in the whole Alpine region, in light of new market propensities.

MEIXNER, W. (2006): Tourismus. In: Psenner, R. and Lackner, R. (Hg.): Die Alpen im Jahr 2020. Innsbruck: CIPRA.
The crisis of Alpine tourism reflects a new generation of tourists, differing in social and financial backgrounds. The major challenge for the Alpine resorts is to adapt to these changing interests.

PECHLANER, A. & ZENI, A. (2006): La gestione della destinazione. Contesti, metodi, problemi. In: Macchiavelli, A. (Hg.): Il turismo montano tra continuità e cambiamento. Milano: FrancoAngeli.
A strategy of marketing and innovation could face the crisis of mountain tourism, caused by climatic changes, the increase of elderly population and a low competition capacity.

ROUGIER, H. (2002): Au Pays de Zermatt. La Vallée, La Massif, Les Hommes, l’aménagement du territoire. Le Mont-sur-Lausanne: Loisirs et Pédagogie.
The transformation of Zermatt from an isolated Alpine village to one of the world’s top mountain resorts: tourist spaces, urban morphology, charm of the resort.

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