Landscape Development in the Alps


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Findings of the NRP 48 "Landscapes and Habitats of the Alps"

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BÄTZING, W. (2003): Die Alpen. Geschichte und Zukunft einer europäischen Kulturlandschaft. München.
This book gives a good overview about the history of and describes also future challenges of Alpine landscape.

BEGUSCH, K., PIRKL, J., PRINZ, M., SMOLINER, C. & WRBKA, T. (1995): Research Initiative Cultural Landscapes. Forschungskonzept. Wien

COUNCIL OF EUROPE (2000): European Landscape Convention. Florence.

PFEFFERKORN, W., EGLI, H.-R. & MASSARUTTO, A. (2005): Regional Development and Cultural Landscape Change in the Alps. The Challenge of Polarisation. Geographica Bernensia, G74, Bern.
This publication is the summary of the REGALP research project.

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