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BRANG, P., SCHÖNENBERGER, W., FREHNER, M., SCHWITTER, R., THORMANN, J.-J., WASSER, B. (2006): Management of protection forests in the European Alps: an overview. In: Forest, Snow and Landscape Research 80, 1: 23-44.
Describes the principles of managing protection forests in the Alps. The paper includes a short account of the ecology and dynamics of mountain forests, and presents a comprehensive approach for managing protection forests developed in Switzerland.

FREHNER, M., WASSER, B., SCHWITTER, R. (2007): Sustainability and success monitoring in protection forests. Guidelines for managing forests with protective functions. Partial translation by Brang, P., Matter, C., Environmental Studies No. 27/07. Bern: Federal Office for the Environment (FOEN).
This publication is a partial translation of the implementation guide "Nachhaltigkeit und Erfolgskontrolle im Schutzwald" used in Switzerland. This guide is a practical tool intended to ensure a permanently effective protection forest at a minimum cost. The partial translation is intended to promote the basic principles of silvicultural decision-making in protection forests.

BRÄNDLI, U.-B. (2000): Waldzunahme in der Schweiz - gestern und morgen. Informationsblatt des Forschungsbereiches Landschaft 45. Birmensdorf: Swiss Federal Institute for Forest, Snow and Landscape Research.
Presents data from various sources on forest cover in Switzerland from 1850 to 2000.

GOETZ, A., TÖDTER, U., GLEICH, M., REVAZ, M., BROGGI, M.F. (2001): 2. Alpenreport Daten, Fakten, Probleme, Lösungsansätze. Bern, Stuttgart, Wien: Haupt.
This publication gives an overview of resource use issues in the Alpine space. Includes a chapter on mountain forests (pp. 213-263).

KELLER, M., BRASSEL, P. (2001): Daten zum Bergwald. In: Internationale Alpenschutzkommission CIPRA (Ed.): 2. Alpenreport. Daten, Fakten, Probleme, Lösungsansätze. Bern, Stuttgart, Wien: Haupt, 216-235.
Gives an overview of forest resources in the Alpine countries based on data from terrestrial inventories and remote sensing. The countries considered are Germany, France, Italy, Liechtenstein, Austria, Slovenia and Switzerland. The topics addressed are forest area, timber volume and annual increment, forest grazing, tree regeneration and browsing. Other papers in this volume address the history of forest use, the naturalness and biodiversity of mountain forests, the management of windthrow areas, old-growth forests in the Alps, grazed forests and economic aspects of Alpine forests.

LEIBUNDGUT, H. (1982): Europäische Urwälder der Bergstufe: dargestellt für Forstleute, Naturwissenschafter und Freunde des Waldes. Bern, Stuttgart: Haupt.
Presents findings of long-term studies in old-growth forest remnants of the Alps and other European mountain regions.

PRICE, M.F., BUTT, N. (2000): Forests in sustainable mountain development: a state of knowledge report for 2000. Wallingford: CAB International.
Comprehensive collection of papers on the role of forests in sustainable mountain development. Includes many case studies from throughout the world. Covers biological, social and economic topics.

WEHRLI, A., BRANG, P., MAIER, B., DUC, P., BINDER, F., LINGUA, E., ZIEGNER, K., KLEEMAYR, K., DORREN, L. (2007): Schutzwaldmanagement in den Alpen - eine Übersicht. In: Schweizerische Zeitschrift für Forstwesen 158, 6: 142-156.
This paper provides a comprehensive review of the current lines of thinking in managing protection forests. The topics include definition and effects of protection forests, delineation of protection forests, management and monitoring of protection forests, and an outlook on how the management could be improved.

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