Towns and Rural Areas in the Alps


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FOURNY, M.-C. (2000): De l’identité alpine et des villes des Alpes : Quelques éléments de réflexion sur la valeur et la nature de l'identité urbaine. In: BORSDORF, A. & M. PAAL (Eds.): Die "Alpine Stadt" zwischen lokaler Verankerung und globaler Vernetzung. ISR-Forschungsberichte 20, Wien: 45-58.
Being amongst the small and medium-sized towns, the urban centres of the Alpine region have long tended to be on the margin of academic interest. It is only recently that trans-national research projects have considered issues of settlement development, quality of life and the intelligent use of limited resources. The research report on the "Alpine town" represents an introduction to the topic, with academics of varying research interests and from different countries of the Alps presenting perspectives on urban research in the Alps. The specific article mentioned here reflects on the identity of Alpine villages.

OEISINGER, A. & M. SCHNEIDER (Ed.) (2003): Stadtland Schweiz. Untersuchungen und Fallstudien zur räumlichen Struktur und Entwicklung in der Schweiz. Basel, Boston, Berlin.
This book focuses on research about spatial structures and development in Switzerland.

PFEFFERKORN, W. (2003): Verstädterung oder Wildnis? Die Alpen im Jahr 2020. In: ro-info, Tiroler Raumordnung und Regionalentwicklung 26: 6-9.
Problems and politics of land use planning and regional development in Tirol/A.

SALOMON CAVIN, J. (2005): La ville mal-aimée?, PPUR. Anti-urban representations and territorial management in Switzerland: analysis, comparisons, evolution.
Towns, and especially large cities have been disliked for a long time. The author deals with the historic origins and evolution of this hostility, He argues that, far from being a specific Helvetic characteristic, the disliking for cities seems to be a common trait in many cultures.

SCHULER, M., PERLIK, M. &PASCHE, N. (2004): Non-urbain, campagne ou périphérie - où se trouve l'espace rural aujourd'hui? Berne, Office fédéral du développement territorial. 125 S. + Anhang.
Analysia of the economic and urban evolution in rural areas.

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