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Workshop Series "Disseminating Knowledge - Networking People"

What is the secret of success of the Polo Poschiavo that has made a ITC centre out of a remote Alpine village? How can public services in mountainous areas be maintained and further developed? And what can we learn from successful traffic and visitor management projects in protected areas?

By means of an international workshop series "Disseminating Knowledge - Networking People" from October 2006 until the end of 2007, "Future in the Alps" wants to support regional players in learning from the positive experiences of others, and wants to help them to make use of these experiences in their own context. The workshop topics are the results of intensive research that has been carried out within the "Future in the Alps" project. You can find these results on by selecting "alpsknowhow knowledge base".

The presentations that were held and the papers that were submitted at the respective workshops can be accessed on this CD. On this page, you will find a link for every workshop that will guide you to a site with the respective resources.

International Workshops 2006-2007: Disseminating Knowledge - Networking People

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