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Included in this CD-ROM are materials from various organisations and sources. Most of the materials compiled on this CD are available freely on the internet. Following the open-source concept for capacity building and non-profit use, copying is allowed provided proper acknowledgement of the source is made. The publication of these materials on this CD-ROM does not alter any existing copyrights. Material published on this CD for the first time follows the same open-source concept for capacity building and non-profit use, with all rights remaining with the original authors or producing organisations.

Therefore the user must always give credit in citations to the original author, source and copyright holder.

We thank all individuals and institutions that have provided information for this CD; especially the MAVA Foundation in Montricher, Switzerland for its generous support and all the authors and their respective institutions.

Texts: Fabrizio Bartaletti, Peter Brang, Katharina Conradin, Sandra Eichenberger, Eva Favry, Helmut Haberl, Johannes Heeb, Helmut Hiess, Hermann Kreutzmann, Yann Kohler, Isabelle Morier, Wolfgang Pfefferkorn, Serena Rauzi, Martine Rebetez, Flavio Ruffini, Thomas Streifeneder

Publisher: CIPRA International

Concept: Johannes Heeb, seecon international gmbh, Serena Rauzi & Wolfgang Pfefferkorn, CIPRA International

Coordination: Michael Kropac, seecon international gmbh, Laurenzentorgasse 8, 5000 Aarau, Switzerland. Tel.: +41 62 822 40 04. Fax: +41 62 822 40 04. Email: Web:

Compilation of Information: Katharina Conradin, Sandra Eichenberger, Michael Kropac & Annick Staub, seecon international gmbh

HTML-Layout: Abdülmecit Üstün

Photo Credits: as per source indication. Top bar: K. Conradin, Left sidebar: L. Ulrich

Text Credits: As per source indication.

Release: 1.0 Beta, March 2008

All 1,000 copies of the CD have been sent out; therefore it is available here as a free download.

Feedback: Feedback regarding improvements, errors, experience of use etc. is welcome. Please notify or use the feedback form.

Sources Copyright: Copyright of the individual sources lies with the authors or producing organizations. Copying is allowed as long as references are properly acknowledged.

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