Development Trends in the Alps



The number of buildings has increased significantly in the last decades - the picture shows St. Moritz in Switzerland, which has in grown into an Alpine city (Source: Frank Schultze / ZEITENSPIEGEL).

Across the Alps, the number of buildings has increased by more than one third between 1981 and 2001. And this has occurred despite the fact that the population has only increased by 10.6% and the number of jobs only by just under 15%. Front-runners here are the tourism municipalities with a building increase of 56.6%. These figures are an indication of massive urban sprawl, particularly in the tourist areas. It is noticeable that the suburban and peripheral municipalities show similar relative increases in building numbers as the urban centres. This confirms the image of residential and "sleeping" municipalities (see Tables 3, 4 and 5).

Table 8: Changes in numbers of buildings in the different types of municipalities 1981-2001. (Source: Adapted from CIPRA 2007).
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