Political Framework in the Alps


Success Factors for Local Projects

Since local initiatives and bottom-up projects are most important for sustainable development in the Alps, local players should exploit their scope and make the best of those projects. Successful local projects need:
  • Good Communication between involved actors, clearly defined roles and structures
  • Knowledge of regional policies and funding possibilities
  • Relevance: a wise use of regional assets, the supply of a specific demand, answers to specific regional problems, consistence with societal trends
  • Win-win situations: a common interest between the involved partners, at best new profit opportunities
  • Acceptance: broad involvement of local players or local population, good PR work
  • Networking: good reputation and good connections of the executive organisation and the key persons of the project
  • Future perspectives: Provision for future development and future funding
Talentetauschkreis Vorarlberg (Source: T. ENDER)
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